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    Ignition wires are part of ignition system that transfer the spark energy from ignition coil or distributor to spark plugs. Our ignition wires are designed, built and tested to meet or exceed OE quality standards. Using high temperature silicone boots and cable provides advanced protection against harsh engine environment. It also has excellent resistance against chemicals and fuel. Unique construction of cable and terminals allows a secure connection ensuring the cable and boot will not separate during removal and installation.

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    Ignition coil supplies the required electrical energy to ignite the air/fuel mixtures in the engine’s combustion chamber. A consistent and high-energy output under all operating conditions and throughout entire engine speed range is the key to effective combustion in today’s low emission, high efficiency engines. Ignition coil is a type of energy storage and transformer that features primary and secondary coils wound around an iron core. The role of ignition coil is to transform the low voltage in the car’s battery into the high voltage which are used by the spark plug to generate the spark.

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    To increase engine performance and reduce emission, carmakers in the late 90s started to incorporate sensors to engines for monitoring various functions and emissions. Partonab develops high quality solutions and products to improve engine performance. All state-of-the -art sensors are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications and to deliver exceptional performance and extended service life. Partonab offers a broad range of speed and position sensors to measure crank shaft speed and position and temperature sensors to measure engine coolant temperature. Because engine performance improvement is a constantly increasing challenge Partonab is working to develop new sensors for Camshaft position , Knock detection ,…


    The Aftermarket Activity Of PNE

    Our products range involves ignition wire sets, EMS sensors,   and ignition coils. All products are delivered in compliance with national and international standards and according to customer drawings.

    Furthermore, we offer you qualified advice and a reliable delivery of our products. Assure yourself of our performance and contact us. We will gladly advice you!


    Based on our expertise & rich experience as a leading supplier to the Iranian major automakers, the company provides automotive service parts that contribute to safer and more fuel efficient driving that enhance the pleasure of your car experience.