To increase engine performance and reduce emission, carmakers in the late 90s started to incorporate sensors to engines for monitoring various functions and emissions. Partonab develops high quality solutions and products to improve engine performance. All state-of-the -art sensors are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications and to deliver exceptional performance and extended service life. Partonab offers a broad range of speed and position sensors to measure crank shaft speed and position and temperature sensors to measure engine coolant temperature. Because engine performance improvement is a constantly increasing challenge Partonab is working to develop new sensors for Camshaft position , Knock detection ,…


    Crank  position and speed sensor is an electromagnetic device  used in an internal combustion engine to measure the position and speed of crankshaft. This information is necessary to control ignition and fuel injection timing. The engine will not operate without this sensor’s signal.

    Partonab crank position and speed sensors work based on variable reluctance principle. It basically consists of a coil of wire wound around an iron core and biased by a magnet.

    It is located in vicinity of a toothed wheel which is usually mounted on crankshaft. As the teeth pass the sensor, it create a change in magnetic flux, and this change induces a current in the coil according to the faraday's low. The sensor output is a sinuous like  signal.

    • Analogue output including position and speed information
    • Wide air gap ranges 0.25mm to 2.8mm
    • Voltage output 0.5 v to 300V
    • Working temperature -40C to 150C
    • Wide range of resistance value
    • Wide range of inductance value

    Partonab crank position and speed sensors can be tailored to cover customer requirements for connector type, higher air gap sensitivity, higher working temperature and  maximized output.


    The Coolant temperature sensor is used to measure the  temperature of engine coolant. The data provided by this sensor is used in engine management system to adjust the ignition and fuel injection timing.  In multiplex systems this sensor may also be used to switch on coolant fan and provide reading for coolant temperature gauge on dashboard.

    Partonab coolant temperature sensors are continuous functional  devices that change resistance inversely to temperature.  It basically consists of a NTC thermistor, Brass housing, insert molded connector, thermal epoxy and sealing washer.

    • Voltage supply : 5V DC
    • Operating temperature: -40C to 150C
    • Thermal time constant: < 20sec
    • Accuracy : ±0.35C to ±1C
    • Sealing: O ring and/or thread dry seal
    • Sensor housing : Brass or stainless steel

    Partonab temperature sensors can be tailored to meet customer requirements for different R-T characteristics, thermal time responses, thread and hexagon sizes and connector types.