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Partonab Electronic Engineering Design Company Is A Leading Manufacturer In The Auto Parts Industry and has Been Known For Its Service In Supplying The Main Parts For The Domestic Market Since 1995. The main activity we specialize In is Spark Plug Wires, Transmission Sensors, And Ignition Coils. This Company has a production Capacity Of 1.5 Million Sets Of Spark Plug Wire Sets Per Year As The Largest Supplier of Wires In The Middle East. Design And Development Of Products Within The Company Using CAE / CAD Tools Enable Us To Have The Reliability And Product Quality Of Smart Products, Reduce Costs, And Ensure Product Performance Meets Or Exceeds Customer Expectations.

Establishment of the company as a manufacturer of car Ignition wire sets
ISO/TS 16949 certificate
Entering the field of production of automotive electronic management sensors
Construction of a new production site in Parand industrial town
Setting up a production line for rubber parts
Development and internalization of crankshaft position sensor
Entering the field of production and manufacturing of combustion coils
Obtaining ISO 17025 laboratory certificate
Setting up the production line of Ignition cable

Employing Experienced And Experienced Personnel, Using Modern Machinery And Equipment By Modern Technology.

The World And Supply Of Raw Materials From The Main And Reputable Sources are the Main Events Of The Company In The Implementation Of Projects And Production Of Products With The Aim Of Gaining Customer Satisfaction And Communication With Global Markets.

The Organizational Structure Of Our Company Is Strong, So Decision-Making In Our Company Is Fast And Smart. This Feature Ensured A Close Relationship With Our Customers And Made Us Work effectively in Meeting The Needs Of Automotive Customers And The Parts Market With High-Quality Making.

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